A Light In The Dark- 2006

Guitars: Kurdt Vanderhoof, Jay Reynolds
Vocals: Ronny Munroe
Bass: Steve Unger
Drums: Jeff Plate

1. A Light In The Dark
2. Beyond All Reason
3. Mirror Of Lies
4. Disappear
5. The Believer
6. Temples Of The Sea
7. Pill For The Kill
8. Son Of The Son
9. More Than Your Master
10. Blinded By Life

K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

Shadows in a dark place lurk inside the walls hiding from daylight hiding from us all
Windows of a past life, refl ections hard to find, memories of lost days, etch their place in time
Anger and frustration, diseases of the mind, just like the evils, the evils of mankind
Submerged and frozen, in this icy hell, reaching for tomorrow, what will the fortune tell
Light transcends into our memory, dark descends upon the misery
When soulless spirits grasp the beating heart remember there is a light in the dark
Blessed our the visions of ones who have dared, healing the masses with the cross they bare
The dawn of creation is where it begins, the privilege of power gives the privilege to sin
Screaming for some sanity, drift like a lost soul, curse on all humanity, the worlds lost control
Inside out reality, were victims of a crime, innocence has since been lost, weve all been left behind

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K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

Curse the man, curse the prophet, worse the man without any eyes
Play the madman, play the poet, some say he hides in a perfect disguise
Less the man that heads no warning, and lets the sand run through his hands
His fi ngers stiff with anticipation, as he plots his next feeble plan
Beyond all reason, he holds the key to life
A change of season, all answers in due time
No rhyme or reason, a product of mankind
But hes not the only one, he's just the lonely one
Since ancient times weve bowed to leaders, leaders only by their command
Banned together a bond of freedom, from their rule and master plan
Take the greed, take the power, hold the ring within your hand
Seize the crown and wield the dagger, its the path of every man
Slipping through the cracks of the system we have made, staring at life as we fall
Remembering places and pictures in time, surprised that we have made it at all
Looking for heroes and praying to gods, uttering secrets we keep
Hope for redemption and someone to blame, the price that we pay is too steep

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K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

When you look at yourself you can see a bewildering soul
A shell of a once stable man whose lost all control
Youve journeyed so long now youve sealed all your plans
But when you look at your refl ection you try to understand
In the mirror of lies
From the mystical gates of your past to the depths of the sea
No matter how hard you try things will be what they will be
When looking for secrets just close your eyes
You're searching for the answer but the answers are inside
In the mirror of lies
The spell is broken the scars will fade reflections of mistakes
You once made a pawn or a token
A king or a thief gaze into the mirror and believe

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K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

In this lost and lonely place is where I call my home
Four thick walls surrounding me I pay a heavy toll
Im pushing and pushing trying to claw my way back
Wishing, wishing I could disappear just like that
There is this voice inside my head turns from friend to foe
When will all this madness stop neither of us knows
How did I get this way how could I got this far
Was this the master plan was it written in the stars
For me to live my life as a pessimistic fool
A superficial man the exception to the rule
Mark your words and you will see the price
That I have payed the cost of life the wounded soul
Nothing ventured nothing gained
The hands have stopped out on the clock Im on the astral plane
The things Ive done wont be forgot my image still remains

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K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

A taste of fear in the recipe as he stirs the potion up
Flirting with the other side enough to call his bluff
As the fl ames and the smoke grow thick a fi gure begins to rise
Looking up it says to him Son you must decide
Caught up in evil cuz hes too blind to see
Now hes the believer and the believer deceives
Into the void of his memories lie the answers
Why he finds a friend in the need to sin
It makes him feel alive but the path hes on
Will lead to hell for that he must repent but after all
The damage done the devils new servant
He dont know what he believes

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K. Vanderhoof

The pages turn themselves as if to speak to me
A vision not so civilized a sight no one has seen
A King whos fate is sealed by prophecy and pain
Modern man knows nothing, its time I board my train
The wasteland thats before me leaves me cold inside
I long to reach the ocean and the secrets that it hides
The rivers have all dried up yet covered by the sea
The memories of children playing
and prayers have been set free
The ancient temples washed away, foundations of belief
No written word to tell the tale, another missing piece
As I touch, as I see, it's still a mystery
When I find what I seek
Who will we be
Its all myth and memory, these temples of the sea
And still there's no answer
We search for the answers
Another night I walk alone, tormented by the thought
A world remains unknown to us, A land that time forgot
Our future could be in the past, and proof before our eyes
We cannot ignore the truth and cast it all aside
Theyre leaving the world they leave without warning
Standing together a new day is dawning
One giant puzzle with no explanation,
Can some tell me is it imagination
Only to find the secrets unfold
With nothing left but these fallen towers of stone
Fire falling from the sky, burning all I see
No place to run no place to hide
I hear a million screams
Now we say our goodbyes, only fear in our eyes
As we fall to our knees
Our world is claimed by the sea

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K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

Black night step into madness lose sight against your will
Last night begging forgiveness for that one time thrill
Black night another prescription take 10 to ease the pain
Last night another deception you think youre going insane
Demons rising as you cast them away little pills of color make them stay
Just another pill have you got your fill
Just another pill a pill for the kill
Your lost far from enchantment you found a better way
Comatose another dependant another sad sad day
Youre back back with a vengeance you want to score again
So strung higher than ever with a Cheshire grin
Here, take this and everything will be fine, trust me

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K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

Stabbing through the wind and rain all aboard the nowhere train, the calm before the storm surrounds you
In between the here and now, somewhere in the lost and found, a King without a crown who shows no mercy
Close your hands and bow thy head, cleanse the wounds of the dead, face the fear and all within your soul
Tell a tale of mystery, drowning in an endless sea, hanging by a thread you cling to life
Break the chains there are no rules, be the leader not the fool, the powers that be demand you
To have the knowledge and the strength, to help the worthless and the weak, to be the power in all that condemns you
Youve got to heal your wounded mind secure your place in time youre of the one a son of the son
Ride upon the angels wings, listen to the heavens sing, praise the master till your dying day
Pay the piper, pick your battles, fight before your life unravels reaching for the stars above you

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K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

Before the walls begin to fall, before the end it takes us all,
You know were running out of time but moving faster
When will we ever heed the call, will we heed it one and all,
You know weve always been our own walking disaster
And when you look around you have found its more than just your master
When the buildings were ablaze, and the height of terror raised, by fire we watched them burn into black skies
The worlds living in denial, every woman, man, and child, our children running scared and asking why

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K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

In a web of confusion your strangled by your fear a hopeless situation youve been in for years
No hope for tomorrow no hope for today always defending mistakes that youve made
When you're lost on the wrong side and you're feeling no pain
You plead for absolution but nothings left to gain
You're far from the truth and you're near to whats right
Make a decision without losing sight
You're blinded by life and the mask is your darkness
Blinded by life with one foot in the grave
Blinded by life and you hide in the darkness
Blinded by life with one foot in the grave
We want a perfect world we want the silver spoon but if there was wed find away to reduce it into ruins
Were picking up the pieces were always playing a game
One day well realize we are all to blame

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