Lineup: Masterpeace - 1999

Guitars: John Marshall, Kurdt Vanderhoof
Drums: Kirk Arrington
Bass: Duke Erickson
Vocals: David Wayne

1. Sleeps With Thunder (6:21)
2. Falldown (5:00)
3. Into Dust (6:42)
4. Kiss for the Dead (4:31)
5. Lb. of Cure (3:30)
6. Faster than life (3:10)
7. All Your Sorrows (4:54)
8. They Signed in Blood (4:37)
9. Toys in the Attic (4:31)
10. Sand Kings (4:31)


Sleeps With Thunder (6:21)
K. Vanderhoof

Is it just the Things you see that make it all worth while
Put your God into a box and keep him by your side
Hopeless is the refugee escaping from the truth
The mothership has passed you by now
there's nothing you can do

My time is finished here
Now choose what you must do
My eyes have shed the tears
And paid the price for you
Many here have seen the light
The devil sits and wonders
The man who keeps his heart a stone
Is the man who sleeps with thunder

Monuments and shrines are built to spirits that deceive
Soft associations with the angels you believe
Soon to find your friendly guides have lead you far astray
Now you walk in blackest night you never learned to pray

In your mind you pacify
Tricks and tales and lullabyes
Now you bid your soul goodbye

When you climb that mountain while the rain is coming round
The peak is only visible on your way back down
Everyone will tell you what it is you should believe
But hearing what you want to hear will give you no relief

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Fall Down (5:00)
D. Wayne / K. Vanderhoof

So now I've told you time after time
Jump to conclusions when you make up your mind
Is this the road you want to be on
You'll find out soon that it's not very long

Evil is breeding the master is grieving
A lie so deceiving
We all fall down

I see the news and it tells me each day
Is it a life when its not in the way
Which is it now please tell me this time
Before its too late and we all cross the line

Evil is breeding the master is grieving
Ashes to ashes
We all fall down

How many times will you let things go by
Before you stop believing the lie
As we are blindly lead right into the noose

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Into Dust (6:42)
D. Wayne / K. Vanderhoof

When everythings coming up roses
The thorns will still leave scars on my hands
Just pour me a scotch and a soda
I'll get drunk and I'll act like a man

I gotta get some of that magic

I hear the voices calling
A song I dare not trust
And all my sleepless dreaming
It all turns into dust

I stopped all the screaming and crying
And yet I still don't understand
When all that you live for is dying
An hourglass empty of sand

I gotta be someone less tragic

I hear the wind is calling
A song I dare not trust
And all my sleepless dreaming
It all turns into dust

In lifeless shadows dreaming
My life is left un-feeling
And yet beyong this door
There must be more

My freedoms become too expensive
The price is much more than you see
But freedom creates an illusion
The freedom to save me from me

I gotta get some of that magic

I hear the voices calling

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Kiss for the Dead (4:31)
D. Wayne / K. Vanderhoof

It's the calm before the storm
Wishing you could see the light
Growing fear and sadness there
Can you tell its your final sight
Tubes and wires keep you here
Not alive and yet not dead
No feelings

You're wide awake in your head
While the prayers have been said
All the love thats been bled
Its just a kiss for the dead

In your world of constant dreams
A lifeless body with its frozen stare
People cry and pray for you to waken
All this pain you cannot bear
Wishing someone would pull the plug
All you do is shed a tear
No feelings

This world of sleeping, continue dreaming

To see the light now, in endless night now
Could cleanse this chaos from my mind

Lifeless body, frozen stare
In a world of constant dreams
Lifeless body, frozen stare
It's a different kind of sleep
No feelings
No feelings

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Lb of Cure (3:30)
D. Wayne / K. Vanderhoof

You see my life is rather simple
I'm just another face
And all your textbooks
All you know
Will soon construct the case
Warped emotions like a river
Everywhere a bend
And what we cannot hold together
We try to keep within

Listen doctor you cannot help me
The cure that's in a jar
All the needless all the pills
I think its gone too far
Now the pain is really blinding
I'm crawling up the wall
Try to hold on
Try to stop it
I think I've lost it all

Can't you see just where the troubles
All are in my head
Iron bars that keep me safe
While strapped here on this bed
You've poked and probed and podded me
So often times I've cried
Now I pray on bended knee
God just let me die

Count the ceiling tiles above
As you wheel me down the hall
Another treatment once a week
I'm losing all recall

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Faster than Life (3:10)
 D. Wayne / K. Vanderhoof

Hear the sounding, feel the pounding
Pain is coming, you don't know where
Blood is thick, you're feeling sick
Live with the choices you have made

Hard as stone it must be so
In a systematic life of lies

Flight or fight, run or die
You can't stand to even try
Rip it open, no more hoping
Time for you to rise and shine

I control the names I hold
But I can't fit into your mold

I know that I'm stronger than you are
In a world where nothing is faster than life

Search for answers, even after
Truth is whats upon your mind
On your face, its left no trace
Can't you read between the lines

Brand new day to do your crime
Pay your debt without a dime

Left unspoken, tales are broken
Carve a smile upon your face
Hear the phone, it's just a drone
No one hears your lonely moan

I can't change the world I see
But i can change the world in me

Now you know that the dying is easy
But its harder just staying alive
There are parts of the heart that are harder

Than the race that we run
Is faster than life

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All your Sorrows (4:54)  
D. Wayne / K. Vanderhoof

Times like these to people please
Fables spread like some disease
New age gods like old facades
Write a book
You'll like the odds
Inventing gods
Old facades

Take apart human heart you will start
Through the doorway of all your sorrows
Beginning to pull you away

In the night the sometimes light
The seasons which run out of time
When I press this game of chess
I always end with something less
You've made a mess
Of your Sunday best

In search of the answers, what never should be
Laughter erupts from primordial sea
Standing there naked with bended knee
All of your works face eternity

So though I play the same each day
When faced with pain I often pray
Take my hand you'll understand
The place we go is no-mans land

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They Signed in Blood (4:37)
 D. Wayne / K. Vanderhoof

We will not follow Rome
The twisting of our faith
With the hand of God
You wrote the new light
The queen has decreed
You must believe like me
So it is written so it shall be
So it shall be

So the list was captured
And it's time for us to die
Following their orders
To enforce the lie
Village by village
Township by town
Hung drawn and quartered
Some where slowly drowned

They signed in blood
Proclaimed their faith
They signed in blood
And sealed their fate

Cause if your gonna die, die for what you believe in
There' s more to this world than meets the eye

The riders are coming the hoofbeats are thumping
The spectre of death leads the way
The queen has decreed the spiritual seed
Will be crushed out this day
And those who have signed be killed by the blind
The soldiers who'll slay
Thge names are above still written in blood
Are there to this day

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Toys in the Attic (4:31)
S. Tyler / J. Perry

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Sand Kings (4:31)
D. Wayne / K. Vanderhoof

In a holy war from these shores
Where lands are hot and dry
Nations forged by gods own hand
These kingdoms in the sand

A billion dollars everyday
The un-people pay
Political shemes and the war machines
Its a news media scene

Still Gods children die
Under blackend sky

Media man with his soul in his hand
He reasons this is wrong
With his Rolex watch and his white painted yacht
Does he even give a damn

Those who do then make the rules
And say that we must change
We fight for oil the new age spoil
Making all these chains

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