The Weight Of The World - 2004

Guitars: Kurdt Vanderhoof, Jay Reynolds
Drums: Kirk Arrington
Bass: Steve Unger
Vocals: Ronny Munroe

1. Leave Them Behind (5:45)
2. Weight Of The World (5:21)
3. Hero's Soul (4:42)
4. Madman's Overture (8:34)
5. Sunless Sky (5:26)
6. Cradle To Grave (5:54)
7. Wings Of Tomorrow (6:16)
8. Time Will Tell (5:08)
9. Bomb To Drop (4:04)
10. Blood Money (5:06)


Leave Them Behind - 5:45
K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

Straight into a vicious wind, this is where it all begins
You bare your soul one last time, laying everything on the line
The struggle of so many years, all the pain, all the tears
Still youre always pushing on, waiting for your day in the sun
We see with blood in our eyes, taking no prisoners
And leaving the weak ones behind
Years of rage made you insane, youve traveled through both fire and rain
Good or bad this is your life, standing on the edge of the knife
What makes you weak can make you strong, but in the end time marches on
So make your mark and make it now, youll go down in history somehow
Now is the time, the time to rise
Staring at a vicious man, this is where it all began
Break the mirror one last time, laying everything on the line

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Weight Of The World - 5:21
K. Vanderhoof/K. Arrington/R. Munroe

Youre caught in a vice by your own device, torment and pressure, a way of life
You felt the stardom and tasted the fruit, you claw your way back
Its all that you can do
Falling from grace, so many have done, get to the top and bask in the sun
Make some mistakes, its part of the game, when you play it everythings to gain
The weight of the world upon your shoulders, its the weight of the world
The struggle within archaic desire, claim your right and devour
All that surrounds you, all you can take, dont let your last
Be your last mistake
The pressure is building, the vice becomes tighter, under the gun and into the fire
Burning and burning, no escape to be found
The weight of the world is keeping you down
The weight of the world upon your shoulders
The pressure is building, an unwilling soldier
The weight of the world is keeping you down
Oh, your world is crashing down to the ground

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The Hero's Soul - 4:42
K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

Youve got to live for the moment, youve got to go for the throat
Youre given only one chance and you know that lifes too short
Feel your pulse getting stronger, no fear in your eyes
Never showing weakness and you never compromise
The heros soul, drifting forever
The heros soul, always searching for better
Until the end of the road
Adversity is a challenge its not something you ignore
And your life is such a struggle and your back's against the wall
Lost in swirling madness, lost without a home
Just rid yourself of torment and hit the open road
The journey through this life can be an unforgiving hell
Your loneliness is safety , as far as I can tell
Youve put your best foot forward, youve taken two steps back
Youre getting nowhere faster and now theres no turning back

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Madman's Overture - 8:34
K. Vanderhoof

I never was a man of wonder, nothing special in my eyes
Pedestrian of common streets, an angel in disguise
A childhood spent as any other, any other child
Would bring a great divide, and now these worlds collide
Now that many years have passed , these dreams intensify, no tools I use, no crystal ball
Yet I'm still mystified
Those sleepless nights by candlelight, in a room without a view
A voice I could not hear, it told me, Write it down you fool
It spoke to me of many things no language can explain, I grabbed my crucifix left hanging
by its golden chain
Never in my wildest dreams, conceive of what I heard, I filled the well with ink
and began writing every word... in the night
Ive seen the mountains crumbling, the masses running scared, I wrote it down to warn you all
but you laughed and no one cared
You wrote it down in riddles, no one could understand, Ill lead you to your padded room
You prophet-crazy man
Please hear me and heed every word that Ive said, if you kill me
Youll be the ones wholl be dead... dead and gone
Your locks and your bars, will hide all my scars, but youll never leave this place
Not til you open your eyes and your ears, can you make sense of the things that you fear?
And all that youve heard, it sounds so absurd, Ill never speak again
Not til you open your eyes and your ears, this world shall pass away
Withdrawn from reality, I stare into space, little did they know I held the answers to their fate
I didnt write in riddles, now you must understand, someday you... oh never mind
Im just a crazy man
They say Im just a madman, am I just a madman, I feel Im just a madman.......

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Sunless Sky - 5:26
K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

Lost, lost in a maze, cant rearrange, my mind is unclear
Fade, fade into black, but not fade away
Who should I turn to, where should I go, six feet too deep in the ground
How long can I take this, how long will it last
I cant stop re-living my past
Beyond the sunless sky, so far away, beyond the sunless sky
Torn, Ive torn you in two, what can I do, Im lost in confusion
Time, Ive run out of time, the clock ticks away, just keeping time... an illusion
I wallow in the darkness, I suffer through the pain, ripping through the madness
Til lifes been re-gained
Im nothing but a shell of what I used to be
Im washed upon the shore of my checkered past
No one would believe all the things Ive seen
Deliver me from darkness, Im fading fast
Its all been lies, time after time
There will be no more sunless skies

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Cradle To Grave - 5:54
K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

And when the strings are pulled again, the puppets dance like mortal men
Who carved in stone our future and our past
Shall we read the blood stained pages and take counsel with the sages
And hear the chanting of a minds collapse
In my name, I will bring you from the cradle to the grave
From points unknown in senseless daze, watching as the fools parade
The tower bells are pounding like a drum
Glance back at a new world brave, the cradle has become the grave
And people praise the God theyve stolen from
In this world we have false leaders, wearing the mask of the deceiver
Theyre seeking out the non-believers, and in these masks youll never see us
You kill the anger, kill the pain, only empty souls remain
God forgive them, will they ever learn
Kings and pawns, emperors and fools, no man sleeps on this night
Bend my words into a twisted truth, no one gets out without a fight

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Wings Of Tomorrow - 6:16
K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

With banner high they ride to glory, a new beginning to an age-old story
Spreading fear with hateful eyes, then into the night they ride
In the end the same conclusion, a weathered world of disillusion
A war of words, a chain reaction, you can hear the millions cry
They look to the sky with fear in their eyes, they pray to their gods
And they pray to survive, closing their eyes, they dream to ride
On the wings of tomorrow
Beyond this realm of death and darkness, lies the key, someone to save them
To change their ways, to fight the good fight, theyre hoping for the day
To the gods they pray for salvation, an angry call from a dying nation
Theyll survive, theyve seen it before, again their wings will soar
They look to the sky with faith as their guide, changing tomorrow
Before our demise, a rage deep inside, they live to fly
On the wings of tomorrow
They ride into the sky, into the crimson sky
Hoping one day that things will change
The strength of a nation the pride of mankind, well always be destined
To the end of time, until that day comes, they will live on,
To ride on the wings of tomorrow

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Time Will Tell - 5:08
K. Vanderhoof/K. Arrington/J. Reynolds/R. Munroe

Vacant eyes, a portrait of pain, every time I look at the world
Tell me why, we cannot bring change, weve flown to high on borrowed wings
What will tomorrow bring
Only time will tell, were searching, to escape ourselves, before it's over
Guilt and lies, pave a road to nowhere, fear inside, everyday
But in the end, this web that were caught in
Will release us, release us from pain
And things will change
Were looking for the rain to wash our shame away
Were waiting for the dawning of a new way
If things remain the same
We may not live to feel
To feel the winds of change

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Bomb To Drop - 4:04
K. Vanderhoof/R. Munroe

Dreams of the dark embracing me, these thoughts I cant control
Searching for light to set me free, from my troubled soul
Good against evil battles in my mind, the fighting never stops
Man, Ive struggled with temptation and sin, in my darkest thoughts
When will this nightmare ever stop, Im waiting for the bomb to drop
I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, how did I survive
I stood at the flaming gates again, as the flames grew higher
What have I done to deserve this fate, what have I become
Though dark have been my dreams of late, I just need to be strong
Im going down, its my last shot, Im waiting for the bomb to drop
Im on my knees and Im praying for these dreams to cease,
Im screaming at the sky to open up my eyes
Im in too deep and Im headed for eternal sleep,
Im screaming at the sky, Im running out of time

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Blood Money - 5:06
K. Vanderhoof/R.Munroe

Cleaning up the wreckage of the past, how many more times
Will we have to pass the test
Their eyes have been upon our every move, they're waiting for us
We answer not to you
Its blood money, were paying all the time,
Its blood money, no reason or no rhyme
Its blood money, were paying all the time
Its blood money
The crime is in their minds
Huddled masses hiding down below, they wait for freedom
For how long nobody knows
Were fearing for the future and the past, were waiting for the next time
They stab us in the back

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